About Boned


We curate writings with a single, common theme: Skeletons.

Whether protagonist, antagonist, setting, or MacGuffin, each work in Boned corresponds — somehow — to the architecture of living things.

Stories, poems, essays, and screenplays/scripts range in length. We prefer works of 500 words or more, save for poetry. We release a new piece each week, on Tuesdays. Submissions are open to all.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but ask that you let us know in the text with your submission if it has been sent to other publications as well.

  • All stories are the property of their writers. Copyright 2016-2018. Want to reproduce a Boned story? Use the contact form below and ask us.
  • SPECIAL THANKS to Antoine and Jenny who helped generate the name.


Want to submit your own short story to Boned? Do so using the form below and our editors will be in touch faster than you can say metatarsal.