Y / Bad Man / Bad Man 2

by Marc Carver

alcohol alcoholic background beer
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


I walk out in the street and people smile at me
and wave at me
what the hell do they do it for
I really don/t know but still they do it
like I am some champion
I just made it out of the house
and that is a big thing for me
maybe they see it
look he made it out of the house today
good for him
but they all look
like they are astonished
here he is
thank you
because without you
I would have nothing



You have to be a bad man
to be a poet
you have to be disturbed
you don’t even have to know why
but know that is why you can
and if you ever find out
it doesn’t really help you
or make you a better poet
if anything it may make you worse
but now you know
why you started
and if you want
you can stop



I am not a great man
I am weak
I am not too clever
I am all sorts of bad
I am not even a good writer
Even when people tell me I am
I like to tell the truth
but people really don’t want that
but still I give it to them
I drink
I drink
I push people away before they hurt me
I hurt them.
Now people don’t want to know me at all
and to be honest
I don’t blame them



Marc Carver has published ten collections of poetry but to him the most important thing is to get an email from someone he does not know that says they enjoy his work.

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