Halloween Poem 

by Lady Samantha

skeleton-dressed-up in-pink-costume_800.jpg
CC0 Public Domain


I wanted to write a Halloween poem
but I haven’t the foggiest idea where to begin…

Do I start with the skeletons in my closet
who keep trying on my clothes?
How about the ghouls in my dresser drawers
throwing my underwear all over the place?
Or the the ghouls in the bathroom
who swim in and repeatedly flush the toilet?
How about the ghosts in the hallway
who call my name as I pass them?
Or the goblins in the kitchen
who keep nuking themselves in the microwave?
That is one mess I really don’t want to clean up!
And don’t forget those monsters under my bed–
they chat on their cell phones and keep me awake all night!
And what about the werewolf
who howls at the moon even after it sets?
And the vampire who’s breath is worse than a period fart,
who sucks only his own blood,
and turns into a bat at 8 in the morning?
I question his motives.
Lastly, what about the jack-o-lantern with the creepy laugh?
Wait! I like him!
He laughs at all my jokes!



Lady Samantha is a writer and poet from Long Island, New York. Recent publications include Bard’s Annual 2018 and Parody Magazine. Samantha writes poetry and short stories that would fit into many genres including, but not limited to, mystery, humor, science fiction, fantasy, and history.

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