Battling Skeletons

by John Grey

Art by Jose Guadalupe Posada. CC0 Public Domain.


On a graveyard battleground,
bones of death
rattle in immortal combat.
It’s bone against bone,
skull crashing skull,
limbs flailing like tree boughs
in a hurricane.

Moonlight is skewered
by gravestones,
mausoleums of shadow.
Wind whispers prayers to the reaper,
cricket dirge mourns
the lost civility of the dead.

They fought when they were alive.
They scrap here in the afterlife.
It’s a battle to the finish
that finished long ago.



John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. Recently published in Chaffey Journal, Jelly Bucket and Columbia Review with work upcoming in Harpur Palate, Poetry East and Visions International.

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