Bones / Honey Bun / Dumpster Needle Stick

by Jon Bennett

CC0 Public Domain



I only worked out
my left shoulder
but it didn’t help
The right shoulder got jealous
and hurt even more
These days
everything gets stiffer
except my dick.


Honey Bun

Remember that guy
I told you about
with the ping pong ball
sized boil on his forehead?
No? Oh right,
that poem got rejected 😦
Well, it turns out
it wasn’t a boil –
it was a tumor!
I just saw him
at the liquor store
buying his dinner:
Honey Buns, Fritos, Twizzlers,
and a can labeled
Generic Cancer
because, you know,
generic is cheaper.
Since last time
the boil cum tumor
had children
they’re all over his face now
I almost pointed at his food
and said,
“You are what you eat!”
but I held back
by now I think
he already knows.


Dumpster Needle Stick

“Where’s my phone?”
I looked and looked
I’d folded it in a newspaper
I’d thrown
down the shoot!
The dumpster
hadn’t been emptied
in a while.
There was an aluminum tray
of putrified chicken adobo,
baby diapers,
adult diapers
and, at the bottom,
a pile of syringes
swaddled in latex gloves.
I emerged
with three needles
from my soul
and a hole
in the thin layer
between tragedy
and complacence.



Jon Bennett writes and plays music in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood.  You can find more of his work on Pandora or Spotify, or by connecting with him at

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