by Megan Denese Mealor

Photo by Megan Denese Mealor. Used with permission.


Tigerish thunderheads
slouch on the skylight,
rime fumes overarching
forced forsythia.

Your undiluted staccato
is a snarling abattoir,
padlocked and piqued,
a red-letter pentameter.

Your acrobatic composition
swaggers like a skinhead’s
bluebeat bomber,
a pliant chorine’s
hothouse bones.

Within a maelstrom of
astrobleme acoustics
and Lila Kedrova
background batter,
we unbolt birdcages,
unlatch orchestrinas,
unlace lamplit shackles.

I am handleless, halcyon
until the emphasis
of your inception,
the lilac momentum
of your stem.

Beyond this backstage brickwork,
pavement pachinko dwells,
bandaged and balletic,
bobsy-die chanticleers
cantillating chalkdowns.



Megan Denese Mealor is a double Pushcart Prize nominee. Her work has been featured in numerous journals, including The Opiate, Maudlin House, The Metaworker, The Ministry of Poetic Affairs, and Harbinger Asylum. Her debut poetry collection, Bipolar Lexicon, is available from Unsolicited Press. She serves as a reader for E&GJ Press. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder in her teens, Megan’s mission is to inspire others stigmatized for their mental health. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her partner of six years, their four-year-old son, and two mollycoddled cats. Her loves include alligators, air hockey, astrology, snorkeling, gardening, and calligraphy.


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