by Richard Holleman

Photo by Roi Boshi via Wikimedia Commons. Creative Commons: Some rights reserved.


I missed you today.
I cursed you today.

I can’t wait to see you.
I hope I never see
your fucking face again.

Thank you for the damage
you’ve done. Your careless
hatred has done something
wonderful, almost miraculous.

You gave me the gift
of worthlessness,
to lack self-love.
You stripped me
to honest bones.

I cried and clawed
my way to something
different, someone better.
You strengthened me
in ways I couldn’t imagine.

No longer do I hide my face
in shame, no longer do I cut
myself for your amusement.
No longer do I yearn for a place
by your side or in your life.
I am right where I belong.

Now I have wrapped a gift
for you. There is no expiration
date, so take your time opening
it if you like. I found it lying
around in my new place;
it is forgiveness,
and it’s just for you.



Richard Holleman lives in San Diego, CA where he loves to read and write poetry. Many of his poems directly or indirectly feature a female person he refers to as “Eve.” More of his work can be found at https://richardholleman.weebly.com.


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