Radio Skull Transmission

by Andrew Spence

CC0 Public Domain


The radio tower blinks with life.

I have control.

I am on its wavelength.

A 50 foot metal skeleton,
feels like narcissism.

my wired tendon
is attracted to the buzz,

the electricity

of flesh in a microwave

The bubble lighted fried squirrel
climbed too high
on me
now tiny
an electric scarecrow.

pain from commercial breaks
pulses out my eye sockets
electric animals scratch at my face
tear the flesh tender
like yellow-tail cheek bones

fluoride white-wash
my jaw
cracks the largest smile
gums hang,


then screeches into the wind
leaves me fried

Smiling bone teeth

on the red blinking radio tower
I’m all skull smiles
Croaking out laughter



Andrew Spence is a broken hurricane of nonsense waiting to crash onto the beach of your boredom. 25 years old and currently residing in Denver, Colorado, Spence first grew up in Midwestern Ohio suburbia before he fell in love with mountain hikes. Recently graduated in the fields of Asian Studies and English Education, Andrew’s poems often reflect his experiences abroad intermingled between the beautiful and sometimes disturbing images of being a lifelong learner in a world so quick to teach him a lesson. Andrew makes a hobby out of poetry, skateboards, alcohol and book collecting. He knows very well that he wouldn’t be anywhere without his monthly calendar with pictures of basset hounds and late night long-board rides full of self-loathing.

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