Plastic Surgery

by Tamara MC

Photo by Jodie Marsh via Flickr. Creative Commons: Some rights reserved.


1. Stomach: lower, upper, waist, mons … (sp?)
2. Back: flanks
3. Legs: knees (around tops, sides), (calves?), inner thighs, outer thighs, love handles, front things, back thighs
4. Neck: lower, around jawbones

Nose job:
1. Straighten nose: off-center
2. Bump off top
3. Smaller at bridge
4. Smaller bulge
5. Slightly upward
6. Height and width removed

1. Reduction
2. One breast bigger (right): make them the same size
3. Lift (as high as possible). Remove as much skin as possible.
4. Implant (small, I’m thinking 300). I’d prefer them taut and separate.
5. Do we have to go under muscle?
6. Reduce nipple size

Fat Injections:
1. Cheek bones
2. Monkey lines, [Restylane now, still have them]
3. Frown lines on forehead (?), [tell him I have them, just Botox now]
4. Lips (lower and upper) Angelina Jolie (Haha)

1. FX on face, chest, and neck?
a. Dark spots?
b. Soft little lines around eyes, when I smile

1.) How long healing time?
2.) Before I can go out?
3.) Regime for taking care of myself? Breasts massage? Creams face?
4.) Stockings? How long?
5.) Exercise?
6.) Walk? Weight lift in arms?
7.) What should I tell boys?
8.) How much weight lose?
9.) Follow up surgeries?



Dr. Tamara MC is an Applied Linguist who focuses on issues related to language, culture, and identity in the Middle East and beyond. She has taught ESL/EFL for over twenty years and was a full-time faculty member at the University of Arizona. A published poet, she has studied Poetry and Nonfiction in the MFA program at Columbia University in New York City. She is the recipient of several residencies/workshops including The Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Bread Loaf, Ragdale, and Sewanee.


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