After the Armistice

by Christopher Greer

kudzu katie ashdown
Photo by Katie Ashdown via Flickr. Creative Commons: Some rights reserved.


We are entwined together in this field,
Exhausted bones caressed by Mother Earth.
Kudzu creeps, crawling across us at will,
Entangled finality by the firth.
We relax unhindered in supple soil,
Waking no longer when morning-time breaks,
Nor rising to run when twilight is roiled—
Lightning lurks closely and thunderheads quake.
We tell no secrets, expel no more vows,
Lie silently stationed, restful repose.
While the weary continue to carouse,
The contented begin to decompose.
Our commended spirits finally freed,
We waste away clinging to victory.


Christopher Greer is an educator and writer who lives in Alpharetta, GA. His work has appeared in, or is forthcoming from, Canary, Inwood Indiana, Visitant, and other publications. He holds a Master of Science from Purdue University.


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