by Deepti Mittal

CC0 Creative Commons


Purity of Nature

Blue color in the sky,
Birds are chirping in the light,
Talk merrily and speak feebly ,
Sun is blooming in its complete beauty,
Blue water in the sea,
Silence in the moon light,
Little stars are twinkling in midnight,
Hills and mountains are nearby,
Chilled, breeze weather absorbs the air,
Sound of stream of flowing water river,
Glossy Blue color Peacock are dancing,
Rodent with bushy tail squirrels are playing,
Long curved ivory tusks elephants are sleeping,
Bees are going to their hives with a sweet hum,
Frogs are jumping in the water,
Deer are running in the forest,
Jungle King is roaring in Blue light,
Early Dusk Saints are hymning,
Temple bells are ringing,
Fragrance and Sweetness of flowers are everywhere,
Blue waves in the silent water,

Sea breeze is blowing towards land,
Sailor is doing his seamanship,
Waves are flowing towards seashore,
Fishes are beaten by sea green water,
With leaves and branches trees are standing,
Surrounded by bush and shrub,
Colorful rainbow in the sky,
An arch of prismatic colors in the light,
Shower of rain covers the ground,
Rain worm comes up in rainwater,
Brighten in the Blue sky


Divine Paper

A Divine messenger, an angel,
Ink absorbs the pen,
Words, alphabets are seeing everywhere,
Animates your imagination,
Cover the inner thoughts,
Stroke the letter made by pen of brush,

Pop up and shape the sound character,
Pertaining to anecdote in many angles,
Full of high spirit and energy,
Power comes to every line in the paper,
Life is in itself is floating have wings to both sides,
Feather has been attached to Fountain pen,
Printed sheet containing news,
Constructed Life is seeing New Moon,
Pillars support the canvass,
Turn of pages touches the rhythm,
Transparency collides to the vision,
Sound comes at the end of every line,
Positive aura give shape to the life,
Pen and paper become bright apples,
Rich content fertile the seeds,
Enigma, puzzle opens the new curtain,
Geometric friction sparkle the fire,
Holy, virtuous manner hop on the ride,
Science of moral landed the paper,
Worship of Angel comes as an harmony,
Structured Bond soluble as a Divine,
Paragraph, passage, Book becomes the parcel,

Melts into the solution of vocab,
Missiles of words in rapid succession,
Capable to emit pages of Lava,
Sacred messenger, a Paper


An Old Silent Pond

The color and scent of the wisteria
Seems far away.

O snail
Climb Mount Fuji,
But slowly, slowly!
Trusting the Buddha, good and bad,
I bid farewell
To the departing year.
Everything I touch
with tenderness, alas,
pricks like a bramble.

I want to sleep
Swat the flies
Softly, please.
For love and for hate
I swat a fly and offer it
to an ant.
Night; and once again,
the while I wait for you, cold wind
turns into rain.
The summer river:

although there is a bridge, my horse
goes through the water.
A lightning flash:
between the forest trees
I have seen water.
Plum flower temple:
Voices rise
From the foothills
The crow has flown away:
swaying in the evening sun,
a lively tree.

Cherry blossoms bloom
Rumbly showers from the sky
Peace out, winter gloom!
Where did the snow go?
Who cares, it’s warm weather time!
Start the Spring parties!
Moms forever loved
Always there for everyone
Send your thanks her way
Inkers love the Spring
More BBQs and pot lucks!
We get our grub on

Hidden eggs around
Kids are on the hunt all day
Easter bunny hop!

Oh whaaat? Spring is here?
Does that mean it’s t-shirt time?
Get ready for sun!



Deepti Mittal is a poet, essayist and conservationist.


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