Sticks and Stones / Tower of Bones

by Linda Imbler

CC0 Creative Commons

Sticks and Stones

There’s an odd place in an alternate dimension,
where all wars are fought with skeletons.

These subjects of osteology lie dormant until conscription,
well preserved in the interim.

Adults only, minors never get to be
heroic revenants, noble bones.

Once wakened, they are fully conscious of their purpose,
realizing that the burden and horrors of war
have been put on their ossified cages only.

They, without souls, but not without honor,
the fleshed never harmed as these bony frames battle
with bow and arrow, sticks and stones, knife and spear.

All this,
for the same reasons inhabitants
destroy themselves on other worlds.

Tower of Bones

A parade seen
from the perspective
above the clavicles of a king among men;
or lengthy fields of bluebonnets,
or guitarists on stage.

He counted train cars aloud to me as they passed.

Now as I stand at ground level
and watch his funeral procession go by,
I long to once more
climb that tower of bones,
to view the majesty
of this life’s moment
while perched atop my father’s shoulders.

Linda Imbler is the author of the published poetry collection “Big Questions, Little Sleep.” She is a Kansas-based Pushcart Nominee. Her work has appeared in numerous national and international journals. Linda’s creative process and a current, complete listing of sites which have or will publish her work can be found at



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