sometimes it feels like the back of my head opens up and i can breathe again

by Rin Baatz

CC0 Public Domain


The background radiation came,
softly, smoothly
tearing at the edges of my mind
and dissolving tenuous social relations

I felt it coil behind my eyes
and weave between the ridges of my brain,
smoothing gray matter as it went

My body slowed and fell,
limbs heavy and eyelids weak.
My back curved over the edge of the sofa,
opening my ribcage with a soft crack

Radiation pools in the cup of my skull,
thoughts collecting and vanishing
in the smoldering green glow

Fingers decay in perfect unison
as they reach out to touch,
desperate for understanding
and finding only empty confusion

Edison bulbs shatter and hum
growing louder, brighter with each second

Electricity shorts out and the
backup generators
belch themselves awake,
scrunching their moving parts in confusion

My vertebrae slip to the floor and I ooze,
to the nearest outlet

Melted bone meets soft plastic and
cold, metal wiring
A cool click, and then nothing more



Rin Baatz is a college student currently studying creative writing. Her focus is in poetry, but she also works with creative nonfiction. She has been published in Khroma, Germ, and Beautiful Losers.

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