Bone / Lovely Bones

by Tomoko Irie

close up tree
Photo by Tomoke Irie


My eye sockets pain me, prickling,
Sinking needles into my skull, ever
so slowly, smoothing the edges, the
corners lost to the numbness;

Over coffee, it changes like fickle
Weather, whispering of thoughts not
spoke out loud, of words withheld,
dropping into empty eyes, empty sockets;

Crushing the tendrils of color, weight,
Twirling into the abyss, the click of
annoyance, the tongue flickering,
a snake ready to spring, coiling, coiling;

(The tethered bone creaks with ancient curses.)



Lovely Bones

I rested my head upon
your lovely bones, as time
wasted away the last embers
of the fire that encircled
the world for one day; After the smoke
had cleared, all that remained
were your lovely bones


Tomoko Irie is a Los Angeles based writer / poet who has yet to decide what her future holds. She loves cats, the rain, cloudy days, and coffee shops. Her recent personal goal is to try as many chai tea lattes as possible (hot or cold). She takes inspiration from people-watching, dreams, and traveling. She went to the UK for the first time this past summer and cannot forget the beautiful Scottish countryside. She writes online under a pen name at

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