The great leveler

by Sofia Kioroglou
Photo by Trish Steel. Wikimedia Commons: Some rights reserved.


No shock, no engulfment…
Just the natural corollary to physical birth.
Death is standing on your porch screaming out
and beckoning you to come downstairs.

Unbudgeable and unbribeable.
The eternal, unbiased judge
is holding the Book of Life,
Your name no longer written in it.

The great leveller not paid for favors
is riding triumphantly his chariot
The dead, the great and small
now standing before the Throne.



Sofia Kioroglou is a writer, an award-winning poet, Best of the Net Award nominee, a pilgrim, a missionary and a wife! She finds writing to be a form of catharsis. Her poems are imbued with deep empathy and begging for answers. Sometimes her lines are overlaid with religious nuances only to provide a compass for her journey in life and jumping-off point for my inspiration. Her poetry can be found online and in print. You can visit her blog at:

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