Permanent Silence

by Wayne Russell

Rusted bars3
Photo by Wayne Russell. Used with permission.

(Inspired by a visit to the Ohio State Reformatory)

The bones of this place reek of steel
once polished and chrome, yet left to
plunder; the myths of the dank nights.

Abandon years ago, left with the stories
murmured between ghost of those long
passed and paint peeled walls, wounds.

Scabs, peeling reflections of the psyche,
prisoners that bled, yet not in dreams,
but in real life, a small town in Ohio.

Souls reformed, now perished, gone to
join the ranks of the dead, ink of night,
bones laden with marrow, permanent silence.

Wayne Russell is a creative writer and amateur photographer that was born and raised in Florida, in March 2016 he founded the online underground lit zine called Degenerate Literature. DL can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and at their website at the following link.


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