Bone Codex

by Tom Darin Liskey

Leonardo Codex Bone Structure by schnaars via Flickr. Creative Commons: Some rights reserved.


There are gilded galleons
On far oceans
Lost in a great tempest

The bannered boats of empire
Scattered in the salt night

Slaying angels—
Their wooden bellies
Engorged with slaves
Gold, pearls, emeralds,
Feathered cloaks, perfumed oils

Heaving east towards empire
With the prized bones of a vanquished people

Great masted ships
In starless dark
Ripped and gutted
In lashing latitudes

Their wrecked holds
Drifting to the ocean floor

So much glittering mote

Where only the darkness
Can tread on their beauty like starlight.


Tom Darin Liskey spent nearly a decade working as a journalist in Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil. He uses images and words for a monthly narrative photography column at Change Seven.

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