the graveyard sits up on a hill

by Mat Gould

Public Domain via Wikipedia.


a canvas of birth
scripture on skin
pull meat from bone
sweep the leaves from the porch

bleed words
weaved onto paper
stitched with quiet lips

if never to speak again
here is the carving
here is the artifact
here is where the war ended
here is the arrowhead
here is the bullet
here is where the bomb went off
here is where the bodies dropped

here is where we will always cry

here is the cemetery
here is the prayer
here is the ceremony

where are the dead.


Mat Gould has published 4 books of poetry exclusively with Dog On A Chain Press as well as contributing to their Lantern Lit series Vols. 1 and 3. He is currently whittling poems into a sharp point half way up a gravel road on the other side of a mountain in Western North Carolina where he keeps a steady yet at times drunken aim eye on his own.

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