by Brian Dickson

Public Domain via Pixabay


Four hawks circle quakes
of bones, wild marrow through pre-
dawn precincts, scrawled.


On cool paths for cool
folks, no camping, X marks ap-
ertures, slivers of bones.


Gentle, this bone on
a wire, strapped to a high-
light reel on a loop.


Bones all around time.
Explain that–prefer apoca-
lingo down our spines.


Brian Dickson keeps this line from Charles Simic with him at all times: “A vision for your life is a work of art.” Life as a messy art form where wayward brushstrokes reveal happy accidents…and not-so-happy accidents. This vision has led him to creativity, infusing it into cooking, gardening, writing, letterpress printing, worm farming, riding a bike, relationships, and teaching. He has published in journals around the states including two chapbooks, In a Heart’s Rut (High5 Press), Maybe This is How Tides Work (Finishing Line Press), and one book All Points Radiant (WordTech Editions).

Brian lives in Denver with his partner, Sarah, among joy everyday.


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