Ghost’s Ghost

by Jennifer Moore

Photo by Ben Seidelman via Flickr. Creative Commons: Some Rights Reserved.

Say it out loud—

in the machine of bones there’s a ghost,
a continually cooling breath

headed elsewhere.
A mouse

builds a burrow
with the bones of a crow,

and in her building
makes a case for rearrangement—

after it expires, repurpose the body.
In every honeycombed structure,

find the ghost’s ghost.
Say it out loud:

unsettle the argument,
unmake the bed;

drive past the house
full of history that never happened

then build it, room by room—
door and jamb, bones and all

from memory.


Jennifer Moore is the author of The Veronica Maneuver (University of Akron Press). Poems have appeared in B O D Y LiteratureThe VoltaTYPOTransom, and elsewhere. A native of the Seattle area, Jennifer is an assistant professor at Ohio Northern University and lives in Bowling Green, Ohio. More work is available at



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