In Massachusetts

by Mikey Sivak



In England, Darwin’s body
Rests interred in the stone
And marble floor of
Westminster Abby,
Beside old saints and kings,
Beneath the ringing
Homilies and choral chants
Of old British Catholic

In Massachusetts, Thoreau
Lies in repose in the dirt of the woods,
Just a stone’s throw from Emerson,
Hawthorn, and Alcott,
In the green summer shade,
And the heavy winter snow,
Of the American idyll.


In honor and remembrance of the victims in Orlando, we want to point you to another poem by Mykl Sivak, titled “I’m being serious here.” from his blog. Thank you.


Mykl Sivak is a writer and artist unfortunately based in New Haven, Connecticut. His writing and art have appeared in a number of international indie zines, journals, and anthologies. He used to work as an animation artist for a global mass media corporation but he doesn’t do that anymore. Mykl is an atheist, a nihilist, and an anarchist, which means he doesn’t believe in anything. It is his opinion that you shouldn’t either.


2 thoughts on “In Massachusetts

  1. Interesting post. Love the accompanying poem!

    I’m hosting a Louisa May Alcott reading challenge (on my blog) this month, if you’re interested in joining us.


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