Stepping Bones

by Ruby Begonia

Photo by Ruby Begonia


I try not to impose
or superimpose
my bones on anyone
since everyone has skeletons
in their closets
so instead I chuck these bones
into the ocean
so others may use them as stepping bones
rather than stumbling blocks when
searching for truth
far and wide
when our bones my be broken
rubbed raw
because our flesh is thinning
as we all get older
since the truth is
there is nothing to lose
except our skeletons
because underneath all of our so-called differences
we really seem to be the same
since all of our skeletons
will be scattered
into the ocean
as stepping bones
for the next generations
until Mother Earth
swallows our bones
so she doesn’t forget anyone she loved
as her own
flesh and bone


My name is Ruby because I’m as common as a stone. When I’m not at
work as a kite merchant, I like to write and laugh. People remember
my laugh more than my writing 😉


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